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Image Titel: I Wonder What Happens In I Wonder What Happens In Tales of Monkey Island: Rise of the Pirate God

This is a super awesome fan game of a fan video of a licensed game series based on characters created in an original game series from the '90s.

For those who don't know a certain member of the TellTale Games forums named Majus has become somewhat of a celebrity due to his "I Wonder What Happens In..." videos in which he makes comical speculations about upcoming episodes of Tales of Monkey Island. Due to the popularity of these videos and the impending end of this "season" of Tales, people have begun to ask, "When will 'I wonder what happens... 105' be released?" Based on the discussions in that thread there's been a lot of hype over an "I Wonder What Happens..." for Majus' upcoming video.

General plotliney thing:

For those who haven't been playing/following the Tales storyline, spoilers ensue.

In Episode 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood, Guybrush is put on trial for heinous acts of piracy as well as ultimately for releasing a foul voodoo pox upon the Caribbean. The now reformed LeChuck steps in however and saves the day just before Guybrush is about to be sent to the gallows. But what's this? Just after Guybrush goes to in turn save Elaine from the evil clutches of the Marquis de Singe, LeChuck shows up and kills him!

In Episode 5: The Rise of the Pirate God we understand that Guybrush, having been "executed" by LeChuck is now sent to the land of the undead. How will he escape? How will he get back to the land of the living and save Elaine from who we now know really was evil all along, his arch-nemesis LeChuck? Who is this "Pirate God" that the title of Episode 5 references? What zany antics will Majus and his crew come up with in order to answer these questions?

Controls are:

Arrow keys/Num Pad/WASD: Movement
Left click: Interact/talk to/look at (interacts wherever applicable)
Right click: Look at
Ctrl+Q/Ctrl+C/Alt+X: Quit game

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